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Frequently Asked Questions

Case 1
My sister had a tumor like the egg of a quail inside of her womb

The tumor is healable by drinking the Red Fruit Oil. We have to drink a table soon of the Red Fruit twice a day, once in the morning and the other at night.

Case 2
My wife has a tumor inside of her womb. She has a painful hip and diarrhea each day and no medication could help her to recover. She became a little bit weaker and her body got a little warmer when she consumes the Red Fruit afterwards.

That is the effect of the Red Fruit Oil. It will be better when she keeps consuming it 3x1 per day for a couple of weeks. Of course, she has to take care of her meals and eat the right food. Do not eat fatty foods. It’s better to be a vegetarian.

Case 3
My wife has cancer in the womb and gets some chemotherapy. What’s the dosage she has to consume each day?

Consume the Red Fruit two days after the chemotherapy when the injected chemicals reactions to the cells are over. The dosage is 2x1 table spoons per day.

Case 4
I suffer hepatoma (Liver Cancer) and there is a wound to the sewed body. Can the Red Fruit Oil dry up the wound?

You have to consume 2x1 teaspoonfuls a day. You’ll look fresher after a couple of weeks. The composition of antioxidant, omega 3 and omega 9 is to regenerate the damaged organ. Please, do not eat fatty foods and coconut oil.

Case 5
I have nerve tumors that make nerves smaller and smaller. It is present unto my face, back and hands. I have it since I was born. It is going better after I am consuming the Red Fruit Oil. Until when do I have to consume the Red Fruit and what kind of food should I not eat?

Keep going to consume the Red Fruit and there’s no limited time.

Case 6
My husband has a problem with narrowing heart nerves and he has been lasered for 48 times and consumed pills for 5 years. What’s the dosage of the Red Fruit Oil he has to consume and does he have to stop consuming the medicines from doctor?

The dosage is 2x1 a day. He has to consume one week later if the narrowing is caused by fatty foods. It is when he can breath well and the oxygen is flowing normally to the brain and the blood vessels have no problems.
You may mix the Red Fruit and the doctor’s medicines. At the interval time, of course. You can consume the Red Fruit Oil one hour after consuming the medicines.

Case 7
My mother, 70 years old, is suffering from a heart attack, she has a kidney problem, has hypertension and tumors. What’s the dosage she has to consume per day?

She has to consume 2x1 table spoons per day (in the morning and before sleeping time).

Case 8
What’s the dosage to recover from Parkinsons disease?

2x1 table spoons a day. Please, consume one hour after consuming the doctor’s medicine if you do.

Case 9
Can the Red Fruit Oil recover an almond problem sufferer?

The children with almond problems do not need to get an operation. Consume the Red Fruit Oil 2x1 teaspoon per day and the almond will be shrieked two weeks after.

Case 10
Can the Red Fruit Oil medicate the low blood pressure?

There’s cholesterol in the hypertension sufferer and the viscosity becomes more sticker. The antioxidant is to neutralize the viscosity of the blood. Sometimes, there is no cholesterol in the low blood pressure. The low blood pressure is caused by deficiency of nutrition, particularly the nutrition of egg, milk and meat.



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